U.S. Roll Up Map Case

This Roll Up Map Case offers the possibility to read maps without having to unfold it completely. The map will be completely covered so that you could read even in bad weather.


(Map and pencil are not included)


Article nr. Description Price
301 Per Piece € 150,-

Gift of the American Red Cross (Stainless steel mirror)

This shaving mirror is made out of stainless steel. The measurements come from an original WW2 mirror.

We have had this mirror laser cut (it is 1mm thick) and we have made a canvas cover for it, The sizes are 2 3/4 X 4 1/4 inch.


Article nr. Description Price
302 Per Piece € 20,-

Large shaving mirror, in canvas cover

We have this mirror laser cut from (1mm thick) stainless steel, the dimensions of the mirror are 4 X 6 inch.


Article nr. Description Price
303 Per Piece € 30,-

Parachute tas                                                                     (Tijdelijk niet op voorraad)

Werd oorspronkelijk gebruikt voor vervoer van parachutes, kleding, enz. Deze tas is een reproductie en gelijk aan het origineel. 

Article nr. Description Price
304 Per Piece € 120,-

American Red Cross Labels

These are reproductions of the labels provided by the American Red Cross, were stitched on wool clothes such as scarf and sweaters. These were then handed out to the soldiers.


Article nr. Description Price


Brazos County, Texas Chapter € 3,-


Milwaukee County Chapter € 3,-


York County, PA. Chapter € 3,-
305-D Minneapolis Chapter € 3,-
305-E Montgomery Co. Chapter Amsterdam N.Y. € 3,-
305-F Pittsburgh, Penna. Chapter € 3,-
305-G Rocky Mount-Nash Co. Chapter € 3,-
305-H Santa Fe Chapter € 3,-
305-I Cleveland-Bradley County Chapter € 3,-
305-J Buffalo Chapter € 3,-


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